With a degree in journalism from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Yara Lopes dreamed of being a journalist since she was a little girl. Every time she watched the Local News she wished to be able to take relevant information to those who, like her, were far away from it. Idealizer of the Perfil Magazine, Yara affirms that this emerged from the need, observed by her, for a media that disseminated quality cultural content in the region. It is not a surprise that she named the day she received the first printed Revista Perfil as a point mark in her professional career. An experience she describes as something that seemed a distant dream that not only came to fulfillment, but was within reach of her hands, and could literally be carried wherever she wanted.

In addition to the magazine, Yara also works as a reporter for Tv Sul Bahia, for which she does daily street material. Editor and Journalist of Perfil, she considers that her work in the magazine has great influence in her family considering her parents also are part of the team. Because of this, she says that at certain times it is difficult to separate the personal from the professional, and not to take the problems of work to home. To that, she adds the difficulties of the daily basis and emphasizes that her biggest challenge is to be able to maintain Perfil financially considering the magazine depends on ads.

When the agenda is women, Yara is categorical: “To be a woman is to kill a lion at every turn. We need to be everything. Always beautiful, hard-working, friendly, available, gentle, caring. We have to take care of ourselves, our family and our work. But without losing grace. Don’t we just want time from it all? 15-minute break? There are days that can not. We need to face the fear of walking alone on the street, the prejudice that arises on different occasions, the chauvinism. And still, deal with the lack of recognition. “

Determined, Yara story is an inspiration of effort and hope for young journalists, at the profession or in training, that the Brazilian media can produce quality content. Asked about the fairness of rights and opportunities between women and men Yara doesn’t measure words: “I dream of the day when my professional opinion will count as man’s ones. With the day when I will not be harassed by interviewees. With the day the fact of being a woman will not be seen as a professional impediment. Because it is. They ask you if your husband will not going to be a problem, how will you deal with the children, question our knowledge … We have to prove our value in the blood”.

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