Now having a brilliant academic career in the writing field, since she was a young girl, Nara Bretas had known exactly what she wanted to be. She had always loved playing with the words, and even created new languages with her friends at school — sometimes just to avoid getting caught by her teachers. But the time she made her decision about her future career was when, at only 14 years of age, Nara won a writing contest held among students from all over the city. Her text was not only named best but also described by her teacher as a true journalistic work, and that comment made her realize what she was meant to be.

When she just started her graduate studies, Nara thought that sports journalism would be her call, but in the fourth semester, she noticed that theoretical classes attracted her much more than practical ones, and she fell in love with her Discourse Analysis and Academic Career courses. She then became a researcher, first with her graduation project about comic strip character Mafalda, which even led her to Argentina to not only seek more information but also interview the author of the stories. After that, in 2015, Nara started her master’s degree in communication, which allowed her to delve into her studies on Discourse Analysis and also research digital comics and digital social media. In 2017, she got an opportunity to conciliate her academic career and practical knowledge by becoming the editor of the Nelly Designers agency, an experience she enjoys more than she expected. Today, she divides her time between the agency and her recently started Ph.D. in linguistics.

Despite all the accomplishments in her career, she feels as though nothing comes easy to her, especially given that she has to constantly prove her value just because she is a woman. However, she tries to use challenges as fuel to move forward.

Asked about what it is like to be a woman today, Nara is very direct, Being a woman is and always has been, fighting against what the society imposes. The world belongs to men, and being a woman means to always fight for what we want, but sometimes those achievements come with more duties and more fight. Being a woman is winning a fight every day, and even when we lose, knowing that the fight has to continue.” She believes that women have never had the same rights and opportunities as men and that the only way to change it is with a deep social and cultural change in every aspect of our life. According to Nara, women have always done wonderful things to the world, but the world keeps on turning a blind eye on that and the importance of giving women the equality they deserve.

In spite of all the struggles she faces, Nara Bretas never gives up on dreaming, and we are proud to be working with such a fighter!

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