Led by her creativity since she was a little girl, Mariana Hugueney has always loved cinema, theater, and photography. On her very first visit to the movie theater, at the age of 6, she felt so amazed that she memorized every single scene of the movie; it was an unforgettable experience. It has always been easier for Mariana to express herself in a visual way, which made her career choice rather obvious. Her dream was to be a filmmaker and create different shapes and colors using her films. When she turned 20 years old, she finally had the opportunity to make that dream come true. To help a friend with making a documentary, she put on trial all the techniques she had learned through her passion for the cinema, and the result was beyond her expectations. This first experience gave her the self-confidence Mariana needed to follow her dream. She applied for a job at a filming company and started to develop her skills.

One of the moments in her life she remembers as remarkable was when a Brazilian comic came to the USA as part of his tour, and asked Mariana to film a video for him on the day before his departure. Having to work on such short notice, the young professional had to rely on her sister’s help and create the script during the filming. What started out as a crazy adventure, had turned into a success, having gotten more than 550 thousand views on YouTube. According to Hugueney, that wasn’t the first time that her sister worked with her on a project. Actually, creativity runs in the family: Mariana’s two sisters are also filmmakers, and for her, there is no tuning more perfect  than when they all work together.

When asked about the prejudices women face in her professional field, she said that in most of the companies she had worked for, women were the minority, and sometimes Mariana was the only female filmmaker or female editor; but on those rare occasions when she had the opportunity to work with other women, she was impressed with their commitment and talent. The artist believes that “to be a woman today is to swim against the current, and prove that we are capable of doing everything they said we couldn’t do.” She also adds that she doesn’t think that men and women have the same rights and opportunities in the present, but as an optimist, she believes that in the near future we will get close to the equality. The first steps have been taken, and the filmmaker is grateful to all those women who fought for her to be able to have a job she is passionate about today, and feels inspired by all of them. As the youngest female member of our team, Mariana Hugueney is an inspiration to all the women at Nelly Designers, and a constant reminder of the importance of dreaming.

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