The latest addition to our team, Janna Gomes is a self-educated and professional illustrator from Vitória, Brazil. As she has been a part of the world of drawing since she was a young girl and always liked to draw, the skill of illustrating came naturally to her. At the age of 14, Gomes took some art classes and started to experiment with different materials, textures, and techniques shown to her by local artists from her city. She thinks fondly of those experiences and claims they have determined her career choice. Raised by her grandmother, Janna believes that the atmosphere the woman created for her as she was growing up, encouraging her passion for art, has made her who she is today.

Outspoken about the challenges of her field, Gomes said that she once almost gave up on her career, but found her way back when she had an opportunity to illustrate some book projects. The process of studying the stories and developing scenes and characters worked like “a heart injection” for her professional choices. Seeing herself as a dreamer female illustrator, she believes that every accomplishment in her career makes her stronger and brings her one step closer to her self-evolution.

Commenting on the subject of equality of rights and opportunities between women and men, Janna states that we still suffer prejudice and are judged only by the fact we are women, rather than our professional skills. That being said, she believes that to be a woman nowadays is “a daily fight and struggle for respect and equality.” And she adds, “Based on my experience, we women are not encouraged to follow certain dreams/paths because we have to follow a standard imposed by the society. When we insist on moving forward and pursuing our professional dreams, we always have to prove beyond that we are capable. I am sad because this is present in all spheres of society. And this is aggravated if this woman is black and poor.

An idealist knowledgeable about her roots, Janna is an example to our team as someone who dared to dream and never gave up on her goals. Always thankful for what she accomplished in her life, and to the people who helped and encouraged her in every step on her way to where the artist is now, Janna Gomes is a motivation to all women at our company as a creative and dynamic mind that we are glad to be inspired by.

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