Daisy Araujo Soares is a Brazilian, from Belo Horizonte, who moved to the United States looking for the opportunity to improve her english and reach better professional opportunities. Working as an office assistant back on her homeland, Daisy achieved more than she attempted in America. Today she is a Chef at her a own restaurant, the Forno HO, a health food business which she runs among her husband Leonardo. Before they get their current spotlight, they have gone through a number of challenges, such as find the best recipes to show people that it was possible to eat healthier without loose the flavor of the food. The motivation for the business had born after her husband discovered cancer, and figured out that the best way to fight the disease was uniting the treatment with work out and healthier eating habits, practices that helped him to overcome the cancer and were also adopted by the whole family.

Inspired by his life change, they idealized Forno HO, and gave the project the same name of Leonardo’s parents restaurant in Brazil, just with one change: they added the initials of their children, Heitor and Olavo. For all those reasons, Daisy considers Forno HO as a business directly related to her family. It’s not surprising, therefore, when the chef points the story of her husband as the remarkable one on her professional life, since without him – now 5 years cancer free –  Forno HO would not have arisen. What changed their lives has also changed the lives of several families who with their help follow their example and changed the eating habits. 

When it comes to equality of rights and opportunities between men and women, she understands that we have come a long way, but she is also shocked by the discrimination that still exists when women decide to fill certain positions and spaces considered “just for males”. And she reinforces: “For me, when we talk about the businessworld it shouldn’t have work for men or work for women, every job should be done by the one who were more capable to regardless of whether they are men or women.” Asked about what it is to be a woman nowadays, she is direct: “It is to be a warrior! Because there are several challenges every day! For women like me, it’s even higher standards, we have to be wife, mother, and self-employed! But still,  I am very grateful to God for seen my dreams come true “.

Daisy is an inspiration for those seeking lifestyle changes, and the prove that women can do whatever they dream.


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