Originally from Minas Gerais, Brazil, for the last 14 years Chef Cinthia Barros has been living in the United States, where she moved to be with her mother who had been staying in the country for 8 years at that time. Having been working in the food industry for five years now, Cinthia learned her professional skills from her grandmother while still in Brazil, where she was studying and using her gift as a way to make extra income. Reflecting on the challenging period of starting her life over in the US, Cinthia claims to have done a little bit of everything but have been mostly involved in cleaning and babysitting. Today a business owner, Chef feels empowered enough to devote herself to doing the things she likes, and, still, spends time with her family and takes care of her children. But what really makes her happy is witnessing satisfaction on her customers’ faces as they try something she prepared with affection and dedication.

When it comes to equality of rights and opportunities between men and women, Cinthia understands that even though a number of issues have been improved, there is still room for change, as, for example, to this day many men believe that women are not capable of performing certain tasks. That being the case, she thinks that, “to be a woman is to have to prove, at all times, that she is capable of being and doing what she wants, whenever and however she wants. It’s to make ourselves heard, even when they want to shut us up. It is to struggle, daily, for the freedom to be happy. Use reason and heart as a guide to never give up on the right for equality.”

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