From Espírito Santo, Brazil, Andreia Nepomuceno moved to the United States with her husband looking for better opportunities. She was on the business of house cleaning when her husband suggested that she should try something that involved her passion for animals. Thinking about that, she returned to her homeland, where she took courses in Grooming, to get expertise on the practice she planned to start on the USA. Back to the North America, she began to take care of animals at her house, but after a short of time she was denounced by one of her neighbors, forcing her to close her business. At the same time, her husband was unemployed and they were struggling to pay the bills.

Looking for a solution, she rented a table in a store to start again and follow her passion. After a while, she was invited by the owner of the place to form a partnership and open a new business. She was really happy everything was going good, the business was growing, but seven months later, her new partner thrown her out of her own business. It was another hard time, but she didn’t let that take her down, she looked for a new place to continue her work and opened a new store which she named Andreia’s Grooming. Four years later, she had the opportunity to return to the same building from which she had been expelled, and to retrieve everything she thought she had lost.

It is not surprising that she points out all her struggle to succeed and conquering her own business as the remarkable thing about her professional life. It is also due to the story of her business that Andreia believes that her work as a grooming has always influenced her family as it started inside her house and her children have always helped her and got involved with it. The love for animals was always shared by all of them.

With a story of loss, fresh start and overcoming, Andreia Nepomuceno is an example of persistence and it is an inspiration for all women who, like her, know what they want and are not afraid to fight for their dreams. When asked about what it is to be a woman nowadays, Andreia points out: “It is  to know that we can do much more than people think, and be able to let go everything that holds or pulls us behind.”

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