A senior, a nerd, and a geek, very different from each other, all ended up bonding over the same passion: to make great designs. Since we met at university, we've had our fair share of fights. We've complained a lot about each other, we've used the words “I could kill you” more often than we could remember. But, we have also helped each other and stayed up all night working together many more times than we could ever forget. After we worked on some freelance projects together, we decided to start a business.

Improving our team even further, 2017 brought two new additions: an old friend from high school, who now holds their masters degree in communications, and one very talented cinematographer and film editor. Together, they turned our already amazing team into the best team we could have dreamed of!


Take a look at what we can do for you!



From brand creation, to the development of marketing campaigns, we offer you everything you need to grow your business.
We develop your brand based on your values, goals, personality and the experience you would like to offer to your audience. We also offer you all the branded material you may need to start your new company or re-brand your current one. Schedule a meeting with us and get your quote.
Magazines, books, or brochures - whatever editorial project you need - we will offer you all of our creativity to make a great typography choice, smart layouts, and more than beautiful compositions. Take time to look into our latest publications and find out what we can create for you.
We create websites from scratch based on your needs, and how you would like to reach your clients. Our websites are easy to use - not just for your viewers - but also for your own management from the administration interface. We will also teach you everything you need to know about your new website.
From the video script and filming, to the editing of the material, we develop videos based on your audience, goals and what your company has to offer. We make dreams into reality! Take a moment to watch the videos showing what we have done for our customers, and schedule a meeting with us.
From social media content to personal profiles and articles, we will offer you all of our creativity and knowledge to make sure that you and your company are delivering the message you want. Whether in English or Portuguese, our goal is to provide the perfect meaning to convey your goals.


Meet the team that will take care of your brand for years to come!
Karine Nelly
Karine Nelly

CEO and Creative Director

She has being in seven countries, speaks four languages, has a bachelors degree in graphic design, and an MBA in marketing. However, what counts most for us is her deep passion for design, and love for her job.

Fernando Gatti
Fernando Gatti

Web Developer

More than a web developer, he is one of the most creative people on our team. This has resulted in him being included on most of our projects, even when it doesn't involve a website. He is our go-to problem solver.

Mariana Hugueney
Mariana Hugueney

Cinematographer and Film Editor

She is a cinema lover who believes that life imitates art. Her passion is being creative with light, sound, and movement. Our passion is seeing how all of this has become such amazing projects for our clients!

Nara Bretas
Nara Bretas

Journalist and Social Media Writer

With a bachelors degree in journalism, masters degree in communication, and now a candidate for her PhD in language studies, she is our main writer, and incredibly passionate about it!

Janna Gomes
Janna Gomes


Beginning at a very early age, Janna is a natural at illustration. She is capable of translating any story into perfect images, and that is why she is in charge of all our illustrated projects.

Michael Harty
Michael Harty

Cloud and Cybersecurity Solutions

Michael joined Nelly Designers in 2022 after it was discovered that this website had been hacked. He was able to fully restore the original website and will continue to provide cloud and cybersecurity solutions for the company.


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